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The industry sector of CNBM mainly consists of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and China National Building Materials Glass Co. By launching strategic resources integration and restructuring work, reforming the traditional industry with new techs and investing in advanced production forces, we set up a number of power sector platforms of cement, glass, light weight building material, glass fiber, composite material and refractory materials,

 Refractory Materials

Scale:  Possession of the largest domestic professional production base with annual production capacity of approximately 30 thousand tons melt casting refractory materials, the automatic production line with annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons unshaped refractory materials as well as the industrialized production base upon the state 863 program. Products cover refractory materials including melt casting zirconia corundum and melt casting alumina, unshaped refractory materials and new alkali refractory materials. Its comprehensive strength, product quality and service level are all in the world-leading positions.
Key enterprise:  Ruitai Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
Industrial Advantage: It is the only enterprise possessing the independent intellectual property right for melt casting alumina products, and the first listed company mainly specializing in refractory materials. The matching brick product of α-β alumina melt casting has broken the situation that refractory material high-tech products of the domestic glass industry has been monopolized by foreign famous companies in a long time.




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