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The industry sector of CNBM mainly consists of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and China National Building Materials Glass Co. By launching strategic resources integration and restructuring work, reforming the traditional industry with new techs and investing in advanced production forces, we set up a number of power sector platforms of cement, glass, light weight building material, glass fiber, composite material and refractory materials,

 Intech Buildings

Scale:  CNBM engages in the production of environmental protection , energy-saving and low carbon new buildings. CNBM owns three construction systems: Light gauge steel share wall system, Light gauge steel frame system and Wood structure system. As the leader in the industry, the products and services of CNBM have already covered both domestic market and international market, including Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Oceania countries and regions with building areas over 1 million square meters. And CNBM’s building have a high level of fractional energy saving, which up to 90 per.
Key enterprise:  Beijing New Building Material (Group)Co., Ltd .
Strength: As the pioneer and promoter of environmental protection, energy-saving and low carbon new building industry in China, China’s Ministry of Construction approved the establishment of CNBM’s “State Housing Industrialization Base” in 2002. CNBM has several production bases for new buildings across China. The base in Beijing has been put into use, and bases in Chengdu of Sichuan Province, Lian Yungang of Jiangsu Province and Ding ‘an of Hainan Province are under construction. By the year of 2015, 10 research and production bases for new buildings will be established CNBM expects to have the annual capacity of 20 million square meters, and have ability of R&D, design, produce, implement and system integration.



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